Construction Services and Permitting

Permit Fees Collected

This department is self-funded through the collection of permit and related fees. All expenditures are dedicated to departmental activities. 

Annual Revenues

Annual Revenues collected through permitting. Fiscal year runs October 1st - September 30th. Current year reflects year to date revenue.

Permits Issued

These are the building related permits issued. Permit types issued include: building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire, gas, etc.

Construction Value by Category

This tracks value of different types of residential and commercial construction projects. Values are reported at time of permit issuance which could significantly increase or decrease the monthly totals.

Construction Value

Construction Values are reported by applicants and relate to the level of building activity in the city. 

Rebates for Residential Rehab Locations

This map shows the locations of projects that have been completed through the Rebates for Residential Rehab program

Demolition and New Single Family Home Permits

This map shows the demolition and new construction permits for single family homes for the last 12 months.