Construction and Permitting Internal Data Story

Construction Services & Permitting

Permit Revenue FY 18 - FY 19

This chart shows the permit revenue collected in FY 18 with ytd FY 19

Permit Revenue FY 09 - 19

Permit Revenue collected YTD for FY 2009 - 2019. FY runs October 1st - September 30th. Chart updated monthly.

Construction Value FY 18 - FY 19

This chart shows the construction value collected in FY 18 with ytd FY 19

Citywide Construction Value FY 2009 - YTD 2019

Construction Value data updated monthly

 Building Plan Review

Fire Plan Review

Engineering Plan Review

Zoning Plan Review

Average Number of Inspections Per Day

FY 19 Construction Value by Category

Number of Permits Issued FY 08 - ytd FY 19

Number of Permits Issued Citywide

Rebates for Residential Rehab  Map of Completed Rebate Locations

This map shows the locations and rebate amounts for properties that have completed renovations and been issued a rebate.

New Single Family Construction and Demolitions

This map shows new single family houses and demolitions of single family structures citywide for the past 12 months

Projects Greater than 5 Million Citywide