Data Governance


The City of St. Petersburg strives to have accurate, accessible and reliable data to both internal and external stakeholders to make informed decisions, improve processes and be transparent. Data Governance will foster cooperation, communication and synergy of data across the city departments to achieve the data goal of the city.

Key stakeholders

  • Mayor and administration
  • Department of Technology Services
  • Departments
  • Citizens

What is data governance?

This means different things for different organizations. For the City of St. Petersburg, it is:
  1. Prioritizing data and data systems
  2. Ensuring data is ready and reliable for decision making and accountability
  3. Using data and technology to improve efficiencies

How should this be done?

This should be a cross city effort, with Mayor support, having all departments present to have a voice in what is being governed, who is being governed and who is governing. 
A cross city effort builds understanding and educates at the same time

Who should be involved?

  • City Administrator
  • CIO
  • StPeteStat Coordinator
  • Department analysts
  • Citizens (partial)


  •  3 months of meeting to set foundation
  • Quarterly check-ins of work groups
  • bi-monthly meetings of work groups
  • Annual goals/milestones

Areas of Focus

  1. Data review
  2. Internal data sharing
  3. Open data


This group should also create policies over:
  1. Data Governance 
  2. Open Data 
  3. Performance data

First year milestones

  1. Establishing a group and identifying members
  2. Regularly scheduled meetings
  3. Policies adopted by city

Sustaining Data Governance

It is important with the change of administration on the horizon that the Data Governance is ingrained within internal staff and departments. Data is not going away and it is to the benefit of the City that the structure of Data Governance remains
  1. This structure must be associated with positions and not people
  2. The group needs to be accountable to itself in addition to administration
  3. Data needs to be used