Fleet Management

Mission Statement

The Fleet Management Department is a division of the Public Works Administration. Customers of Fleet Management are the vehicle and equipment users employed by all departments within the City of St. Petersburg.  Fleet Management provides timely and cost effective services to all user departments in order to maximize availability, serviceability, safety, and appearance of all City vehicles and equipment. 

Services Provided

Services provided include maintenance, repair and replacement of City vehicles and equipment such as sedans, light and heavy duty trucks, trailers, tractors and miscellaneous equipment.  
  • Maintenance and repair of City vehicles and equipment
  • Maintaining the operating safety and regulatory compliance of the City’s fleet and fleet infrastructure
  • Procuring necessary vehicles and equipment as approved through the annual replacement budget
  • Asset management, budgeting and reporting, including vehicle and equipment replacement, scheduling and forecasting
  • Fuel Management
  • Radio Communications Management for Public Safety and Non-Public Safety
    • Installing, monitoring, programming, replacing and purchasing both mobile and portable radios

Fleet Labor by Shop

Shop charges to user departments.

Procurement to Delivery

The amount of time it takes to procure and receive goods.

Turnaround Time

The amount of time elapsed from the time of repair submission to the time of repair completion in each shop.

Count of Units by Fuel Type

Count of units using a specific fuel type.

Inventory City's Fleet

Breakdown of vehicles and equipment per City department.

Inventory of City Radio Communications

Breakdown of radio counts per department.

Green Fleet Initiatives

Performance Measures