The Greenhouse is St. Petersburg’s front-door to business growth, providing business owners and entrepreneurs with the education, resources and assistance necessary to thrive in the local economy. 

Our Program of Work:

Comprised of an expert team from the City of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce, along with a wide network of partners, we are committed to the economic growth and development of St. Petersburg’s economy. We do this through intentional focus in 
  • C A P A C I T Y   B U I L D I N G Business Consultation, Mentorship + Training
  • N A V I G A T I O N - Business Assistance, Liaison Services + Corridor Development
  • C O O R D I N A T I O N - Oversight and advocacy of local business initiatives and grant programs 
  • C O N N E C T I O N -   Link to Entrepreneurial Ecosystem 
  • A W A R E N E S S - Promotion and storytelling of St. Pete and her entrepreneurs  


Total Engagement 

The number of times customers were engaged and interacted through Greenhouse services and events  
Client engagement is derived from the processes, tools, and resources that The Greenhouse has in place to capture and utilize client information for cultivating and managing client relationships. Tracked interactions include attendances to workshops, training and special events hosted by The Greenhouse, mentorship sessions, and Small Business Navigator communications. 
Tracking total client engagement helps to answer the following:
  • How actively is The Greenhouse learning more about the client experience? 
  • How does The Greenhouse effectively prioritize engagement across all service and support channels throughout the entire client journey?
  • What strategies are most effective for contributing to more successful clients, resulting in increased overall engagement
Improved client engagement confirms The Greenhouse is meeting clients’ wants, needs and interests, and setting them up for future success.

Customer Engagement Map

The footprint of who we serve
All are welcomed at The Greenhouse. Our services are not limited to St. Petersburg residents or businesses. We reach clients throughout the Tampa Bay Region (and beyond!).
Client reach serves as a strong asset for attracting new and innovative businesses to our area. Tracking where our clients are located will not only help us to understand where our clients are doing business, but also, monitor the success of our client reach and continued demand for services.


Business Consultation and Mentorship

Services coordinated by The Greenhouse and services delivered by our Service Partners: SCORE and SBDC 
Business mentors offer expert advice and guidance based on actual experiences – successes and failures included. A mentor can be crucial especially in the early stages of a business when a company is trying to establish itself. A survey from Kabbage in 2018 found that 92% of respondents that utilized a business mentor found them vital to success, and 89% of that segment wished they connected with a mentor during their startup phases. 
An entrepreneur’s time is limited while trying to build their business. Seeking out and committing to a mentorship can be seen as an unmanageable commitment. The Greenhouse strives to offer this service in a reputable centralized location and at no cost to help overcome the barriers of time and financial needs. We aim to refine a business’ search for these resources and pair them with a mentor who offers a wealth of common experience and draw on high levels of commitment and knowledge. 
This data allows us to track the success of mentor services being offered and account for the needs of the client.

Staff Liaison Services

Business assistance services provided by The Greenhouse Staff through encounters, follow ups and well-checks
Trained Greenhouse professionals perform a variety of duties designed to maintain relationships, exchange information and promote both City and Chamber operations.  Greenhouse staff coordinate activities of certain city departments, for example, business development, and provide referrals to business mentoring, workshops and various programs.
These interactions allow direct assistance to help entrepreneurs and small business owners navigate the complex processes of setting up a local business. They coordinate training and certification measures for the Small Business Enterprise program, access to local initiatives and business assistance programs and referrals to find further assistance through The Greenhouse network of partners.
Tracking these interactions allows us to see how many clients are utilizing our business assistance services, the amount of return clients, and how much quality time is dedicated toward these interactions.  This will help us determine the efficiency of our communication between clients and if we are meeting their needs appropriately. 

Business Celebrations

Grand Openings, Ribbon Cuttings and Other Business Celebratory Events coordinated by The Greenhouse Staff Team
A ribbon cutting ceremony is an inauguration or opening ceremony, attended by special guests and enacted before an audience. The ceremony serves as a public acknowledgment of a business being opened for the first time and helps to promote the business being opened through media coverage. A valuable side benefit of a Grand Opening Ceremony is the opportunity to network and connect with people in the community, providing the business with a platform to generate potential leads to help further grow the company.
These measures help us understand The Greenhouse’s involvement in these type of special events and monitor how successful the service is to our clients.

Small Business Navigator Program

Small Business Corridor Development
The new Small Business Navigator Program is a reimagined approach to neighborhood business development and will launch in September 2019. The Greenhouse will be leading the effort to assist in the growth and development of targeted commercial corridors throughout the community.  To complement the Greenhouse network of services, the Navigator program is a citywide business development initiative.  
The program is in the final stages of development and will focus on the following deliverables: 
  • Clear and increased connectivity and communications 
  • On the ground resource - working proactively with our neighborhood businesses 
  • Assisting burgeoning districts and associations 
  • Awareness and placemaking 
Map of Small Business Navigator Program Engagement

Greenhouse staff, also known as “Navigators”, are assigned to each City Council District throughout the City. The Navigators are a robust team of professionals who connect with, proactively listen to, and assist businesses throughout the city. The team will be conducting business visits through a coordinated outreach effort and prioritize meaningful dialogue with businesses in order to deliver planning, technical, and next-step resources.

The map of the Small Business Navigator Program allows us to visualize where in the City visits have taken place, and further breakdown the details of each visit. It is important to monitor that each District’s needs are being met.
Small Business Navigator Program Activity
Tracking the targeted visits provided by the Navigator team allows us to monitor corridor development outreach efforts. This month-by-month visual shows the total amount of visits, how much time was dedicated to on site quality communication with the businesses, and the amount of time invested in preparing information for the businesses’ needs. 
This information allows us to understand the overall effectiveness of the program and determine areas for improvement.


The Greenhouse offers a variety of programs and events which include: 
             * Denotes a Greenhouse Signature Program

Total Programs and Events

Tracking the total programs, events and their accompanying attendances allows us to monitor the continued demand for a specific event or program and determine the need to introduce new offerings.

Capacity Building Programs and Events

All education and training opportunities, including signature programs, held at The Greenhouse by month
If a client is starting a new business or taking an existing business to the next level, the Greenhouse offers training workshops and signature programs for entrepreneurs who want to start or buy a business, or for existing business owners who want to grow their companies.  For a full listing of scheduled workshops, visit
The Greenhouse holds an average of 20 capacity building programs a month. This chart reflects a further breakdown of the Total Programs and Events data by focusing specifically on the education and training opportunities held at the Greenhouse by month. 
Aside from monitoring the number of clients who are utilizing this type of service, the measurements also further assist our curriculum coordinators to determine the need for changes to these programs in order to meet our clients’ needs and interests.

Community Building Programs and Events*

Community Building Programs and Events are all community building and ecosystem supporting activities The Greenhouse held or provided assistance.
An entrepreneurial ecosystem comprises of small business owners and all the organizations that support them—ranging from banks, investors, and microlenders; government agencies, policymakers and elected officials; the private sector; business associations; and more. The Greenhouse works to support and build St. Pete’s ecosystem to ensure entrepreneurs can access the right resources at the right time.
Community Building Programs include 1 Million Cups, Central Avenue Council and Nonprofit Connect. Again, aside from monitoring the number of attendees that are participating in this type of service, this information also further assists our curriculum coordinators determine the need for changes to these programs to meet our clients’ needs and interests.


The city of St. Petersburg is committed to assisting Small Business Enterprises (SBEs), in accordance with the Municipal Code as defined by Division 4, Article 5, Chapter 2. The SBE program's purpose is to foster growth in the economy and provide opportunities for small business. The Greehouse certifies SBEs for contracting and procurement opportunities in construction, goods and services, professional services, and supplies. Learn more at 

Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program Certifications

Throughout the year, the city identifies projects that lend themselves to small business opportunities. These projects require general trades and services. Projects such as these will help the small business owner to gain the experience needed to expand their business which, in turn, increases job employment and keeps the money spent in the Tampa Bay area.
Through the SBE program, we are able to monitor the total number of certified business who are actively participating.  These measures are imperative to monitor and analyze the success of the program to continue improving communication efforts.

SBE Total City Spending Amount

The following data shows the City of St. Petersburg's total spending amount to SBE certified businesses per fiscal year.  The spending is broken down by categories: Construction, Goods and Services and Engineering/Architect.

This data is important to monitor the city's continue support and use of certified SBEs.  This data also helps to promote the benefits to becoming certified. 

Map of Small Business Enterprises

Illustrates the geographic location of certified Small Business Enterprises.
For a business to qualify for SBE certification, their operation must be located within Tampa Bay: Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco or Polk Counties.  We reach clients throughout the Tampa Bay Region (and beyond!), which helps to promote the strong entrepreneurial and local business community we offer here in St. Petersburg. This client reach serves as a strong asset for attracting new and innovative businesses to our area.
Tracking where our clients are located will not only help us to understand where our clients are doing business, but also, monitor the success of our client reach and continued demand for the SBE program.


The Greenhouse is a Network - these are our partners
The Greenhouse is St. Petersburg’s partner of choice in matters of economic development, building business, and supporting the growth of a local ecosystem.  The Greenhouse works with several partners to offer a comprehensive small business assistance network centralized here in St. Petersburg.  Our partners include service providers, incubators/accelerators, educators, curriculum contributors, community building networks and capital/financers.