Stormwater Department

What we do:

Stormwater crews work to mitigate flooding, maintain environmental water quality and safety for residents and visitors to St. Petersburg

Stormwater Focus:

  • Storm drainage system
  • Lakes, ditches and landscaping maintenance
  • Street sweeping

Average Days to Close for Work Orders

Stormwater crews are currently monitoring the time it takes to complete and close out work orders. The trouble categories are currently being refined to better reflect the nature of repair issues. In the near future, there will be a reduction in the number of trouble categories to better monitor the work being done. The chart below can be filtered by date.

Spotlight on Depressions

Depressions in the roadway are often caused by pipe joint and connection failures in the storm drain system. The typical depression repair involves cutting the roadway, exposing the pipe and repairing or replacing as necessary. This shows only the work performed by Stormwater crews. Complete restoration of the roadway will be completed by the Pavement Division

Street Sweeping Zones

These are the 12 Street Sweeping Zones for the City of St. Petersburg. Neighborhoods are swept on a rotating basis. As of now residential streets are swept four times a year and main/feeder roads are swept on a monthly basis.

Sweep Zone's Status

Green = Active 
Yellow = Pending
Black = Completed